Real Time Capabilities

Why Leverage On FIX API?

Time - Saving

FIX protocol is unified across the industry, making setting up a FIX API connection quick and efficient.

Lightning Fast

You are guaranteed a lightning fast connection directly, eliminating the need to go through third party programs.


FIX API offers traders with a proprietary system that keeps their strategy anonymous from anyone who may have access to their transaction.

How does
FIX API works?

Our clients and brokers use the FIX software to connect via FIX API. To begin a FIX session, both the client and the broker will connect their engines at a fixed start time using a host and comp ID.

Once a session begins, FIX messages are classified into two groups: admin messages and application messages. Application messages include trade, pre-trade, and post-trade messages. After exchanging the relevant information, both the client and the broker disconnect their FIX engine at the same time to keep all dealings secure.